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Woman! – The W stands for Wow, Wonderful, Wise! Women today increasingly pursue active careers with a lifestyle to match. High pressure jobs, active social life, travel, focus on fitness, and more… And they manage it all very efficiently and effortlessly. However, a woman’s body changes slightly in her late 30s or 40s and undergoes a series of changes due to a natural drop in female hormones estrogen and progesterone, an integral part of her period cycles, ovulation, and pregnancy.

This phase heralds the onset of perimenopause which leads to menopause, a phase that causes slightly uncomfortable symptoms – irregular periods, hot flashes, sporadic sleep cycles, mood-swings, bladder issues, varying cholesterol levels and vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy, caused due to the thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls.

The Onset of Menopause & its Impact on lifestyle

Menopause can impact a woman’s life in more ways than one. There is an overall fatigue and drop in energy due to which the woman finds it difficult to complete her daily tasks as effortlessly as before. Then there are those `aches and pains coupled with disturbed sleep. As mentioned, period cycles may get impacted, UTIs, hot flashes, varying cholesterol levels and vaginal dryness caused due to the thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls which leads to discomfort in many ways.

Relationships and sex life too, get affected with the woman experiencing pain during sex due to lack of lubrication, as natural vaginal secretions are impacted due to a variation in hormones. The modern woman who has worked all along to achieve what she has and live life on her terms without compromise, is challenged in more ways than one.

Taking on menopause – the natural way to recharge, rejuvenate and celebrate!

Menopause can be managed well with a few simple lifestyle changes and modifications. Healthcare specialists recommend a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, mobility, and a stress free lifestyle to the extent possible with adequate sleep. It is also imperative that healthy personal relationships are maintained with regards to the woman’s sex life as it releases hormones like serotonin and dopamine that are necessary to keep her healthy and happy.

Hormonal remedies for vaginal discomfort related to menopause

Lubricants and moisturizers

Lubricants and moisturizers – Most of these are available as OTC options for vaginal discomfort and are basically palliatives. Often water, silicone or oil-based, these products reduce friction and pain during intercourse. Moisturizers adhere to the vaginal tissue and help the cells maintain moisture. They are typically designed for occasional use and many, because of their high osmolality formulations, can actually make dryness worse if they are used over a period of time.

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Ceryne vaginal cream – a revolutionary biomimetic formulation to help you live on your terms!

Introducing Ceryne, a revolutionary vaginal cream that belongs to a new era of biomimetic solutions. This innovative cream delicately emulates the mechanical properties of vaginal and cervical secretions, preserving the delicate vaginal environment with a pH of 3.8 and biocompatibility with lactobacilli.

Ceryne vaginal cream is not just a product; it’s a gentle guardian. Non-toxic and considerate, it harmonizes seamlessly with your body’s natural chemistry, forming a protective barrier that is non-irritating and even condom-compatible—a dream come true for any woman seeking a lifestyle without constraints. Its other amazing properties that no other cream, lubricant, or moisturisers can do is that Ceryne maintains the correct osmolality levels of the vaginal environment to give the woman’s body a chance to restore its own natural microenvironment. Lactic acid and glycogen support the natural microbiome found in the vagina.

What sets Ceryne apart is its lasting impact—24 hours of comfort and freedom. It’s time to feel empowered, confident and comfortable in your own skin to and embrace an active, fulfilling life just as you always have.

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