About Us

About Us

Cerynë is your trusted partner in achieving harmony and serenity within. We understand the importance of maintaining the delicate vaginal ecosystem, and our mission is to provide innovative solutions that prioritize your intimate health.

Ansella Therapeutics

Ansella Therapeutics is a pioneering specialty pharmaceutical company with a steadfast commitment to advancing women’s health. We bring innovation to the forefront by harnessing cutting-edge formulation methodologies rooted in our profound expertise in materials science and biomedical engineering. Our unwavering mission is to address unmet medical needs and enhance the well-being of women worldwide.

Infinion Biopharma Ltd

Infinion Biopharma Ltd stands at the forefront of scientific exploration. We are a research-driven life sciences company that seamlessly integrates biophysics and engineering with traditional pharmacology and biochemistry. Our tireless pursuit is to create high-value, innovative products spanning various therapeutic domains, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global leader in biopharmaceuticals and improving the lives of patients worldwide.

Cerynë Intimate Care

Cerynë Intimate Care is a testament to dedication and expertise. Developed meticulously by Ansella Therapeutics in the USA, it is manufactured by Encuble Ethicals in Goa, India, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. The distribution and marketing of Cerynë Intimate Care span across India, overseen by Infinion Biopharma Ltd.

Ceryne Ultra Pure Lipocream

Our Commitment

At Ansella Therapeutics, our central focus is on crafting novel formulations to address various vaginal health conditions. Our initial objective revolves around the development of innovative and highly effective products that provide safe alternatives to existing treatments. Leveraging our core strengths in materials science and biomedical engineering, we’ve created proprietary formulations designed to set substantial barriers to entry for competitors. This strategy has been meticulously devised, guided by direct feedback from OBGYNs who recognize the pressing need for our products.