Feel comfortable in your body, feel great about yourself.

Cerynë Intimate Cream is the world’s first biomimetic formulation which works with your body to restore comfort and balance.

Cerynë Ultra Pure Lipocream

Cerynë has been diligently researched and formulated with very precisely balanced, ultra pure ingredients to mimic the natural biology of the vagina. The delicate vaginal mucous membranes require a very specific environment to maintain their health and condition. Cerynë contains lactic acid and glycogen to support the natural microbiome found in the vagina. This helps maintain a heathy pH of 3.8, while at the same time keeping the correct osmolality of the environment, to give your body a chance to restore its own natural microenvironment.


Ceryne Ultra Pure Lipocream

Intimate Spontaneity

Cerynë’s unique “no-mess” formulation gently provides continuous protection from intimate dryness, so you can safely regain everyday comfort and the spontaneity for an intimate moment.
Ceryne Ultra Pure Lipocream

What Women Have To Say

Cerynë Intimate Care works with your body to restore vaginal comfort.

Soothe and nourish the intimate area for relief from dryness and irritation. Cerynë restores and regulates optimum conditions for comfort.

Cerynë is a unique intimate area cream that revives vaginal comfort.

Cerynë restores vaginal moisture and lubrication to provide lasting, soothing relief from irritating dryness.

Cerynë’s patented ultra-pure, biomimetic formulation is non-hormonal, isotonic, pH
perfect, and replenishes the essential biochemistry of the vagina.