Osmolality and Comfort: A Symbiotic Relationship in Vaginal Wellness

Osmolality and comfort

A woman in her lifetime goes through a myriad of changes. From a girl to an elegant woman to a wise lady; it’s a lifetime of metamorphosis. One of those changes is menopause. It is a phase where the female anatomy experiences changes due to the reduced production of estrogen, the female hormone. From changing vaginal microbiome to – it is a soulful journey from experience to wisdom.

The women’s health priorities change with the onset of menopause. During the transition, they experience an array of changes like vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and so on. There are a variety of over-the-counter products like medicinal creams or lotions and vaginal lubricants, to manage these symptoms, but nothing works like Cerynë.

Why Osmolality Matters

Osmo what? Osmolality is the concentration of particles in a fluid. High osmolality can cause the cells that line the vagina to become shrunken and dried, while low osmolality leads to swollen and ruptured cells.

Over-the-counter medical creams or vaginal lubricants, typically have very high osmolality and consequently are only suitable for occasional use because they can actually make vaginal dryness worse! Also called hypertonic, these high osmolality creams, have a higher concentration of solubles compared to the moisture content of the delicate cells that line the vagina. This creates an osmotic gradient that draws out water from the cells, damaging the protective barrier and leaving the tissue dry and irritated.

Iso-osmolality of Cerynë Intimate Care Ultra Pure Lipocream

Enter Cerynë Intimate Care Ultra Pure Lipocream – The ultimate hydration genie in a bottle.

Cerynë Intimate Care is the first Biomimetic cream which works with your body not against it. Cerynë Intimate Care is iso-osmolar and has been specifically designed to gently moisturize the vaginal tissues, while nurturing the vaginal microbiome to provide lasting comfort. By mimicking the vagina’s natural secretion Cerynë helps your body help itself.

Vaginal comfort is paramount to women’s confidence and any compromise here can hamper a woman’s daily routine. Introducing Cerynë Intimate Care into your routine is the best decision a woman can make, marking a significant step towards a more comfortable, confident you!